We have learned over many years, that nothing beats the quality and dependability of high end gear. Distorted, or low quality sound, is not acceptable to us, and we would not expect it to be acceptable for you or your customers. We use Gibson guitars, JBL sound systems, Shure Beta 58 microphones, LR Baggs guitar pickups and processors, TC-Helicon vocal processors, BOSS pedals, Livewire cables, D'Addaio strings, and Blackbird pedalboards. Our set up is fast and efficient. When using our own sound system, we can be set up and ready to play in minutes, thanks to our custom made and pre-wired pedal board. This also makes things easy when using a house PA, or a hired sound production company. Simply two chords out of the pedalboard and into a neutral set system, and set to the desired volume. This makes loading in and out fast and easy, especially when there are multiple bands on the bill. We believe in giving you and your customers a high energy show with a quality sound. Our reputation depends on it.