I own ScrubOaks Contemporary American Pub, a small local restaurant and bar in Fayetteville, NC. Ronnie packs our place every time he plays there! He is the most energetic and engaging act I have! Ronnie always impresses and never disappoints! Thanks, Ronnie! You make my place better every time you walk through the door!”

— Tim Holtsclaw - Scrub Oaks Contemporary American Pub

Ronnie is the homeboy country rock singer that knows how to not only entertain the crowd... But bring in a crowd that will enjoy his style of music and his personality is off the chain. As a bar owner... My customers look fwd to hearing from Ronnie pack the establishment and rock the house. 10 Stars isn't enough for this guy. Pleasure meeting him and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to book a wild great fun night!! Ronnie is the sound we miss in the bars..”

— Stew Bestwick - The Bonfire Bar and Grill

Ronnie is an artist true to his self and to the people. His songs speak to the heart of the working man. He’s a voice for those who aren't heard, and while he draws from many influences, he aint trying to be anybody but himself”

— Brandon V. Fisher - Guitarist/Vocalist Red Dirt Revelators

I have seen Ronnie Hymes perform at fairs, festivals, bars and taverns, and private events. He never disappoints, and is always professional and welcoming to the crowd. Whether it be taking requests, or spending personable time with fans, he is a class act worth booking!!!! Can NOT WAIT to see his next show!!!”

— Adam Moye - Country Music Singer/Songwriter

Ronnie Hymes is no stranger to hard work. He's also no stranger to using his guitar as a therapist. On his new CD "Just a Workin' Man", Hymes presents ten heavy hitting, hard driving country songs that will speak to the everyday working man and anyone else who feels the burdens of a slumping economy, paying dues, and fighting for time to have a little fun. Flanked by banjoist Buck Thrailkill and upright bass slapper Frank Ehlinger, "Just a Workin' Man" features several original songs, a couple of choice co-authorships, and a cover of the Waylon Jennings classic "Shine", and is a must have for country purists and roots music enthusiasts alike! ”

— J.B. Beverley - J.B. Beverley and the Wayward Drifters

Anyone can pick up a guitar and sing into a mic. Ronnie Hymes isn't just anyone that's for sure. Ronnie is what REAL country music is all about. He writes and sings about REAL life and plays the guitar like it's meant to be played... Like it's an extension of his soul. You can waste your time with pop country or you can give your ears the REAL deal.... Ronnie Hymes is the real deal"

— Blake Clayton - IBWIP Radio Show

Ronnie Hymes has done more to promote underground music than any other artist out there”

— Chris Miller - Blue Ribbon Radio

Ronnie Hymes is more independent than the 4th of July”

— Donnie F. Cash - Rugburn Radio